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Oxygen Concentrator transform ordinary room air into a concentrated amount of oxygen

A Portable Oxygen Concentrator, or POC, includes an inbuilt rechargeable battery and can also be connected by a power supply. Oxygen concentrators are machines that remove nitrogen from the air and supply pure oxygen to those whose blood oxygen levels (Blood oxygen) fall below 93 percent. We provide oxygen concentrators across Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. The oxygen concentrator is meant to function 24 hours a day, so as long as you have electricity, it will continue to provide oxygen. When it comes to oxygen flow rates and usage times, it's best to consult a medical specialist.

Highlights of Poratble Oxygen Concentrater

    When a breath is detected, the POC normally distributes oxygen on a pulse dosage basis. Without the need to change the oxygen cylinder, the oxygen concentrator provides a steady supply of oxygen. Oxygen Concentrator uses Electricity to transform ordinary room air into a concentrated amount of oxygen. The oxygen concentrator flow metre may be set up to adjust the oxygen delivery rate to fit the needs of the patient.

Main components Of Oxygen Concentrators

  • Series of filters
  • Air Compressor
  • 2 Molecular Sieve Beds
  • Switch valve
  • Oxygen outlet
  • Flow meter
  • FAQ About Oxygen Concentrator

    How long can you use an oxygen concentrator?

    The average life expectancy appears to be between 1,500 and 2,000 hours of use.

    Can Oxygen concentrators be harmful?

    Using an oxygen concentrator without a prescription can result in major health risks, such as oxygen poisoning, which occurs when too much oxygen is delivered. It can also cause dangerous illnesses like COVID-19 to be delayed in receiving treatment.

    Do oxygen concentrators really work?

    Oxygen Concentrators filter and produce medical-grade oxygen in an unending supply as long as the battery that drives the device is still alive. The only difference is that a concentrator cleans the air before making it available to patients with low blood oxygen levels.

    Which is better oxygen tank or oxygen concentrator?

    Oxygen concentrators are more convenient than oxygen cylinders since they are portable and easy to use.

    Where should I keep my oxygen concentrator?

    The oxygen concentrator can be kept anywhere in the house, but it should be kept one foot away from the walls, bed, sofa, and other furniture when in use.

    Can Oxygen concentrators be used 24 7?

    Home oxygen concentrators can operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If a portable machine solely delivers pulse flow oxygen, it may not be suitable for sleep. Before purchasing a device for continuous use, speak with one of our Oxygen Specialists about your oxygen requirements. Find out how to use an oxygen concentrator.

    Who needs oxygen concentrator?

    Anyone whose oxygen saturation falls below 80-85 percent may require a higher flow of oxygen and may need to use a cylinder or liquid medical oxygen supply. Assume that a person's oxygen saturation is between 87 and 90 percent and that he is placed on an oxygen concentrator.

    Can a healthy person use oxygen concentrator?

    Oxygen concentrators are a more convenient and portable alternative to bulky oxygen cylinders. However, they can only deliver 5-10 litres of oxygen per minute, which may not be enough for patients in critical condition. Only persons suffering from mild to moderate symptoms should utilize oxygen concentrators.


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