Hospital Fowler Cot

Semi - Fowler Cot with Detachable ABS Head & Foot board

We provide a wide choice of Semi-Fowler Cot Hospital Beds to satisfy the specific needs of our customers. The high quality of these beds is recognised. These beds are known for their dependability, since they are designed using the greatest possible technologies and follow to world-class standards. These are thoroughly inspected for quality on a variety of levels. Semi-fowler hospital bed made of robust and accurate steel tubes. The back rest of these beds may be adjusted via a crank mechanism at the foot end. Our hospital semi fowler beds come with an epoxy coating finish and are offered at the most competitive costs.

Features Of Semi-Fowler Bed

  • Position: Back rest controlled by remote
  • Detachable ABS Head & Foot board.
  • This masks filters over 95% of airborne particles
  • Saline stand provision on four locations.
  • Optional - Foam Mattress of 32 Density

Semi-Fowler Bed with ABS Panels is one of the products we provide. These have been conceived and developed in accordance with worldwide industrial standards. Longer functional life, dimensional correctness, and great load-bearing capacity are all attributes of our gadgets. We provide this at a cost-effective price.

FAQ About Fowler Cot

What is Fowler bed?

NET Fowler beds are four-section perforated beds with ergonomically constructed knee rests and backrests. To assure patient safety, these fowler beds have easy-to-lift or foldable side rails. The head and foot panels are made of stainless steel or ABS.

What is semi Fowler's position nursing?

The Semi-position Fowler's is a bed position in which a patient is positioned on their back with their head and trunk lifted to between 15 and 45 degrees, however 30 degrees is the most commonly utilised bed angle in hospitals and nursing homes.

What is Fowler and supine position?

The reverse Trendelenburg position is a supine position in which the patient's head is tilted upward and their feet are positioned down. Fowler's position: Whether in-patient or in the emergency room, this is the most typical posture for a patient to relax peacefully.

What is high Fowler's position used for?

The High Fowler's position is widely used for feeding, enhanced breathing, radiography, grooming, and other situations that necessitate an upright posture.

When would you use semi Fowler's position?

The Semi-position Fowler's is frequently used for comparable reasons as the conventional Fowler's position, such as feeding and lung expansion, cardiac or respiratory problems, and patients who have a nasogastric tube.

What does semi Fowler's look like?

The Semi-position Fowler's is when a patient is resting on their back with their head and body lifted between 15 and 45 degrees, commonly in a hospital or nursing home. For this patient position, the most common bed angle is 30 degrees.

What degree is high Fowler's?

Patients with breathing problems should be positioned in a high Fowler's (90[degrees]) position, according to traditional nursing practise.

How many Fowlers positions are there??

Low Fowler's, with the head of the bed at 15 to 30 degrees, semi- Fowler's, with an elevation of 30 to 45 degrees, and high Fowler's, with the patient sitting nearly vertically, are all variations of this posture.


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