Handicap Folding Walkers

Lightweight while durable aluminum alloy frame

For over ten years, Life Medical Equipments has specialised in lightweight Aluminum folding walkers for seniors handicap walkers and walking aids, earning a solid reputation for high-quality goods and excellent service. As a reputable manufacturer and supplier in Coimbatore, we cordially invite you to purchase or wholesale our low-cost, high-quality goods.

Walkers are made from high-quality raw materials such as Stainless Steel Pipe, Aluminum, and MS Steel Pipe. These walkers are specifically developed for those who are differently abled (disabled) or elderly. The walker may be adjusted to fit your needs, and it may be used both outside and indoors.

Specifications of Walker

  • One button folding mechanism
  • Lightweight while durable aluminum alloy frame
  • Soft hand grips
  • Non-skid suction cup rubber tip
  • Legs detachable and height adjustable
  • High quality and good price
  • With or without 5" wheels per your options

Features of Walker

  • Folding type frame
  • With/Without wheels
  • Height adjustable
  • Foam for better hand grip
  • Durable
  • Heavy duty to tolerate the weight of 100kgs

FAQ About Handicap Folding Walker

What are the different types of walkers?
  • Standard walker
  • Two-wheel walker
  • Three-wheel walker
  • Four-wheel walker
  • Knee walker
  • How do I choose a walker?

    Walkers typically have Aluminum frames, are height adjustable, and must be lifted to be moved. As a result, before choosing a walker, make sure you have some upper-body strength.

    Walkers are ideal for persons who are prone to falling and require to lay a significant amount of weight on the device.

    What are the five types of walking?

    Intermittent, strolling, fitness, power, and race walking are the five forms of walking.

    Why would someone use a walker?

    The primary reason for someone to use a walker is to improve their ability to walk freely and securely, as well as to enhance the amount and distance they can walk while reducing pain and discomfort. Increased independence, self-confidence, and life happiness are all possible outcomes of using a walker.

    What is the purpose of a walker?

    A walker is a form of mobility aid that is used to assist persons who can still walk but need assistance (e.g., do not require a wheelchair). It's a four-legged frame that a person can lean on for support, balance, and rest.

    Is a walker better than a cane?

    Canes are best for difficulties that affect only one side of the body (such as sciatica in one leg), whereas walkers are better for discomfort that affects both sides of the body (if you have weakness in both your legs, for instance).

    What is the best height for a walker?

    Standard walkers range in height from 32" to 40" and are suitable for people height between 5'5" and 6'6".

    When should a patient use a walker?

    A cane may be useful if you have pain or weakness on one side of your body that makes walking or balancing difficult. A walker may provide greater assistance if you have poor balance or feel shaky on your feet.


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