Reusable Face shield

Reusable Polycarbonate Safety Face Shield, Transparent Face Mask, Protective Splash Face Mask

Reusable Face Shield is used to protect the facial area while acting as a shield against splashes in the work environment. This shield is manufactured from a high quality Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol material commonly referred to as PETG. It is non-porous and can be cleaned with anti-bacterial wipes. The elastic banding and foam support are removable and replaceable as recommended.

What do you get with Face Shield?

  • Earloops 3-Ply Protective Pleated Face Mask
  • Hand sanitizer for the Germ War
  • Vinyl Exam Gloves (No Latex)

The Best Way To Assemble Your Mask

  • Headband with Complete Adjustment
  • Strap on the forehead
  • Shield for your face

The user would be able to force tabs out of the headband. The user would then slip the shield over certain tabs. The forehead strap is then attached by slipping it into the first slot of the headband and winding it into the opposite end, just like a belt. Make sure it's cinched tight. The polymer is made to fit snugly without being uncomfortable.

Why do you go for Seal Tight Face Shield?

The Seal Tight Face Shield has an elastic bands band that can be adjusted for comfort. It has a full-length seal for protection against splashing or spraying.

  • Natural rubber latex is not used in the production of this Face Shield.
  • The face shield is a single-use item.
  • Wear it with or without glasses.
  • Stuff that is light in weight.
  • Maximum visibility.

Features of Reusable Face Shield

  • Face protection that fits over glasses or goggles.
  • Antibacterial wipes may be used to disinfect it.
  • Clear with a broad field of view.
  • Bagged individually.
  • sterile in nature.

Medical Face Shield is a high-quality product that is widely used around the world. Medical Face Shield is produced and supplied by a company that is well-known for its high-quality products, friendly service, and competent approach.

Specification of Face Shield

  • Made of 0.2mm thick clear plastic.
  • Adjustable band that wraps around the head securely.
  • Approximate dimensions: L 22 x W 32.5 cm.
  • Fog-proofing.

FAQ About Face shield

Is Face shields shield the entire face from Covid19.

Face shields have the advantage of protecting the entire face, including the eyes, which, along with the nose and mouth, can be a point of entry for the coronavirus and other germs. Large respiratory droplets, which are believed to contain the virus, are prevented from accessing these areas of possible infection by the plastic panel that hangs from the top of the forehead and stretches below the chin.

COVID-19 cannot be prevented by Face Shield alone.

Also with a face shield and a face mask, Medizin recommends that you take these other precautions to avoid contracting a coronavirus infection: Avoid close contact with people outside your family and stay away from crowded places, particularly those with poor ventilation. Hands should be washed often, and high-touch surfaces should be cleaned and disinfected.

How did the face shield aid in the prevention of coronavirus transmission?

Face shields should not be used in place of face masks, but rather should be worn in addition to them for additional protection. “The face shields may have decreased ocular exposure or contamination of masks or hands, or may have redirected air around the face,” the researchers speculate. In reality, a study called "Efficacy of Face Shields Against Cough Aerosol Droplets From a Cough Simulator" discovered that wearing a face shield decreased inhalational exposure by 96% within 18 inches of a coughing person.

How should a shield mask be worn?

Face shields must stretch below the chin, go past the ears, and have no distance between the forehead and the shield's headpiece, according to medical experts. They can be cleaned easily with water and soap or disinfectants to be reused.

What is the difference between face shields and face masks?

Face masks normally only protect the airways (nose and mouth), leaving the rest of the face and eyes exposed. The face shield adds another layer of defense against viruses and bacteria spread by air droplets, protecting the eyes and nose.

What materials are used to make face shields?
  • ABS, ASA, PC, and PC-ABS plastics are used for the frame.
  • PET-G VA PC plastic shield
  • PVC adjustable belts
Is it necessary to put on a mask with a face shield?

If you have a shield, you must always wear a mask.

Face masks are critical for preventing the spread of COVID-19, but they aren't always comfortable to wear, so some people are opting for alternative methods such as wearing a face shield instead. Unlike a fabric face covering, shields do not contain the droplets in your breath. They do nothing more than deflecting some of the droplets downward. Since face shields are open at the bottom, any germs in a person's breath could potentially escape into the air, which is how SARS-CoV-2 spreads. As a result, experts advise against using a face shield instead of a face mask.

Is it possible to use the same Face shield multiple times?

Yes, after careful disinfection, all pieces of our face shield can be used again. Disinfecting is the process of killing germs on surfaces with chemicals. This method does not disinfect dirty surfaces or remove germs, but it may reduce the risk of infection by destroying germs on a surface after washing.

What are the right techniques for disinfecting a face shield?

Most traditional EPA-registered household disinfectants, as well as diluted household bleach solutions, alcohol solutions of at least 70% alcohol, and most common EPA-registered household disinfectants should be useful for disinfection. During COVID-19, read more about General Recommendations for Routine Cleaning and Disinfection.

Do Medizin face shields provide the same level of protection as other currently available shields?

Yes, like other in-market shields, the face shield acts as a clear buffer between the infected source and the face. Our face shield was developed in close collaboration with medical professionals. Often check that the shield fits comfortably over the head and that the range of the face it covers is adequate.

Is there a limitation on how many times I can use a face shield frame?

After regular disinfection and washing, the frame retains its properties, but it can become scratched over time. Before and after each usage, clean the shield, and repair it if it becomes damaged.

Is a face shield and mask the best security gear?

Although wearing a face shield with your face covering is mandatory when going out, it is strongly recommended to wear a face shield in addition to your face covering for added protection—especially if you intend on staying outside for an extended period. Face shields were found to be effective in reducing the percentage of coronavirus transmission among health workers in India, according to a recent report.


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