FAQ About COVID-19 Medical Product

Where can I buy COVID-19 protective products online?

COVID-19 supplies are available from Medizin to effectively prevent you, sanitize your surroundings, and maintain a safe and hygienic atmosphere. Face masks, sanitizers, towels, pulse oximeters, O2 concentrators, and other anti-coronavirus products are available online.

What kind of glove should be used to care for Covid-19 patients who are suspected or confirmed?

Patients with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 should be treated with nonsterile disposable patient inspection gloves, which are commonly used in healthcare settings.

Is it possible to use an N95 mask with an exhalation valve?

An N95 respirator with an exhalation valve offers the same level of protection to the user as one without a valve. Exhalation resistance is reduced when an exhalation valve is present, making it easier to breathe or exhale. A respirator with an exhalation valve, according to some people, keeps the face cooler and decreases moisture buildup within the facepiece. Exhalation valve respirators should not be used in situations where a sterile field is required (e.g., during an invasive procedure in an operating or procedure space) because the exhalation valve may enable unfiltered exhaled air to escape into the sterile field. If you do have a respirator with an exhalation valve, cover it with a 3 ply (surgical or operation mask) that doesn't interfere with the fit of the respirator.

Does the Covid essential kit protect us from the coronavirus?

The Covid essential kit has been carefully assembled to provide you with everything you need to keep your hygiene up to date. Please exercise extreme caution and maintain social distance following ICMR guidelines to avoid contracting. Covid-19 is a fictitious character.

Why is a coverall recommended for Covid-19?

Because coveralls are designed to cover the entire body, including the back and lower legs, as well as the head and feet, they usually provide 360-degree protection. Surgical and isolation gowns do not offer complete body protection \ (e.g., they have possible openings in the back, and typically provide coverage to the mid-calf only).

To clean our hands, how much hand sanitizer is required?

Follow the instructions on the hand sanitizer bottle. The majority of them will tell you to use a quarter-sized number. Cover all surfaces of your palms, including the top, bottom, toes, around the fingertips, and fingernails, and rub up to two inches up your wrist.

Why Pulse Oximeter IS Becoming A Tool Against COVID-19?

Pulse oximeters, a common medical device, have recently gained attention for their potential in diagnosing and monitoring COVID-19 symptoms. Pulse oximeters are small devices that clip onto a person's finger and measure their pulse as well as the percentage of oxygen in their blood. Pulse oximeters are often used to track patients in hospitals, including those who have undergone surgery, as well as patients with respiratory issues at home. The system, according to medical experts, aids the healthcare provider in determining if the patient requires additional oxygen.

Is it necessary to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) kit?

Healthcare workers who provide critical services and are at risk of being exposed to disease-causing microorganisms must wear PPE kits. Doctors, nurses, hospital employees, and others are among these individuals.

Can I use Disposable coveralls several times?

Disposable coveralls, as the term suggests, are not designed for frequent use. Aside from disposable chemical safety, we also have a range of reusable chemical protection coverall. A pre-filtered range of reusable chemical safety products can be found here.

What are the advantages of steam inhaling?

Although steam inhalation can provide temporary relief from the symptoms of a cold or other upper respiratory infection, it will not speed up the healing process. steam Inhaling does not kill the virus that is causing the infection. Steam inhalation can, at best, make you feel a little better as your body fights the cold.

Is a blood pressure monitor is necessary at home?

People who control their blood pressure at home, according to Medizin Healthcare, should continue to do so in the manner prescribed by their physicians. The current situation with the COVID-19 virus does not necessitate a change in standard monitoring practices. Regarding the use of your blood pressure monitor, we suggest adhering to all national hygienic guidelines and, if possible, not sharing your blood pressure monitor with someone other than family members who live in the same household.

What Thermometer Do You Use During a COVID-19 Pandemic?

A decent working thermometer should still be in our medicine cabinet. Fever is one of the first symptoms of coronavirus infection, which is particularly true during the COVID-19 pandemic. Keeping track of your temperature if you think you've been exposed to COVID-19 will help prevent the virus from spreading inside and outside your house.


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