Hospital Scrubs & Linens

Breathable And Highly Absorbent Linen Products

The quality patient linens will provide your patients with the greatest in comfort. These luxuriously striped flat and fitted sheets, as well as pillowcases, are available in a variety of colours. These linens will show your patients that you care about their experience and will make them forget they are in a medical facility. With the comfortable cotton rich flat sheets, give your patients the wonderful night's sleep they deserve. You may choose from a variety of sizes ranging from ordinary single to super king size sheets, all of which are made of sturdy cotton/polyester and are incredibly affordable.

These sheets are made from a cotton that is very simple to clean. Because of their pure white colour, they will blend well with any modern or classic design and decorating plan you may have in your business. These linens are soft to the touch and incredibly strong,added comfort and beauty to any suite.

Why should you go for Linen products?

  • Strength and Durability
  • Lower Environmental Impact
  • Breathable
  • Highly Absorbent
  • Naturally Insect Repelling
  • Antibacterial

Our Linen Products For Hospitals

  • Hospital Bed Sheets
  • Hospital Pillow Covers
  • Hospital Towels
  • OT Linen
  • Sheeting Cloth
  • Disposable Bags

FAQ About Hospital Scrubs & Linens

What do hospitals do with soiled linens?

Hospitals that allowed contaminated linens to be discarded instead of being completely cleansed were wasting money on trash disposal when they didn't have to. Linens that are soiled or contaminated should be washed at 65 degrees for at least 10 minutes, or 71 degrees for at least 3 minutes.

How are hospital sheets cleaned?

Infection Control departments at most hospitals govern how linens are washed in the laundries. They use a lot of energy-intensive hot water and a lot of chlorine bleach. Although this treatment is beneficial, it is not without flaws.

How do you disinfect hospital linen?

All contaminated linen and linen contaminated with bodily fluids shall be soaked in a 0.5 percent bleaching solution for 30 minutes before being rinsed with water and detergent to remove the bleach.

Assisting the laundry personnel with the transfer of linen. The soiled linen is bundled and a record is kept.

How do you manage clean linen?

Handle clean linen with dirty hands, which can contaminate the linen before storage. Wash hands first with disinfectant. Don't transport linen in a trolley that is not fit for purpose. Stacking linens too high will cause issues during transport such as linen falling.

What is the importance of proper linen management?

Linen management in clinical spaces serves a dual purpose: keeping clean linen clean while also preventing filthy linen from polluting patients, employees, the environment, or other linen.

Why must soiled linens be placed in a biohazardous linens bag?

Linen management in clinical settings serves a dual purpose: keeping clean linen clean while also preventing filthy linen from polluting patients, workers, the environment, or other linen.

What is linen management in a care facility?

To protect skin and nasal passages from blood and bodily substances, a long-sleeved fluid-resistant gown or apron and disposable gloves should be worn when handling dirty linen. Following the handling of old linens, hand hygiene must always be undertaken.

How is linen issued for guest room?

To protect skin and mucous membranes from blood and bodily substances, wear a long-sleeved fluid-resistant gown or apron and disposable gloves when handling dirty linen.


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