Hospital OverBed Table

Great Addition to any Bed and Chair

An overbed table is ideal for those who have restricted mobility and are confined to their beds for extended periods of time. It guarantees that eating, drinking, and other activities are simple to carry out. The height of the bed may be altered by tilting and adjusting the height of the overbed tables.

This convenient over-bed table is a great addition to any bed and chair for dining, drinking, reading, and other hobbies. It includes a height-adjustable tilting top with a beech-effect laminate tilting top with plastic safety edge to prevent objects from falling off. You will have to self-assemble the goods after delivery because it is easy to clean and move about.

Types Of Over Bed Table

  • Home Health Overbed Tables
  • Overbed tables for senior living and home health care are lightweight and simple in design. This sort of overbed table has the advantage of being the most affordable; however, keep in mind that it is meant to be used with a standard bed, not a hospital bed. The majority of these tables are height-adjustable, but they don't provide much else. There are just a few colour possibilities.

  • Inpatient Overbed Tables
  • Overbed tables for inpatients are developed for usage in clinical and acute care settings. These options are more strong than senior living tables, typically supporting more than 30 kg at a time. Many options are outfitted with technology that allows them to conduct tasks like rising and lowering at the same time as a hospital bed. Cup holders, spill guards, and vanity kits are examples of additional features. Occasionally, drawers are provided for storing little objects that the patient wishes to keep close to hand.

  • Bariatric Overbed Tables
  • In terms of functioning and structure, bariatric overbed tables are identical to inpatient units, but they include an enlarged table top to accommodate larger patients laying in bed.

Advantages Of Over Bed Table

  • Fast recovery from surgery
  • Useful during pregnancy
  • Easy and quick assembly
  • Adjustable height

FAQ About Over Bed Table

What items can never be placed on the over-bed table?

Soiled linen,
any contaminated items.

What items should be stored in a resident's bedside table?

The wash basin, emesis base, soap, bath blanket, toilet paper, and urinal or bedpan, with a cover, are all items utilised for the resident's personal care. The bedside table can also be used to store the resident's personal hygiene and toiletries.

Can I sit on bedside table?

We do not recommend that you sit on the bedside table because it was not designed to be used as a seat.

What is the life of the bedside table?

A particle board bedside table has a life expectancy of about 2-3 years or more, depending on usage. To extend the life of the product, make sure you carefully follow the directions.

How resistant is the table to liquid spills?

While it may withstand spills, long moisture exposure should be avoided at all costs. If there is a spill on the surface, clean it up right away with a dry cloth.

What can an over the bed table be used for?

An overbed table is a solid tabletop placed over a bed or chair to allow for activities such as eating, reading, computer time, and so on

What is an overbed table?

A narrow rectangular table that spans the bed and is usually equipped with casters and a crank for altering the height and tilting the top for hospital patients.

What is the standard size of a bedside table?

A nightstand or bedside table should be nearly level with the top of the mattress. The top of the table should be level with the mattress, give or take a few inches, making it easy to reach and establishing a clean sightline across the bed.


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